What is your MOQ?

  • We sell for a bulk order. MOQ will be different depends on items you choose.

What is your production time If I order?

  • Our lead time will be about 50-70 days for new items And 30-45 days for old items.

How can I get quotation?

  • Kindly show us details of your inquiry by send email to info@quangminhcandle.com
  • Or you can stay your email here, we will contact to you for consultancy more clearly.
  • Quotation will be provided once we catch your requirements.

How about samples?

  • Samples can be available or not depends on what kind of Candles you interested in. For new products, samples will be prepare for several days.
  • USPS, Fedex, DHL are Delivery service Agency we usually use for sample shipping. It takes from 3-5 days for receiving samples.

How is the capacity of your factory?

  • Depending on sort of Candles, specific requirements that our capacity will be different.
  • Maximum capacity can reach to 200 containers a year.

What is payment term do you accept?

  • Payment term bases on agreement between two parties. We use L/C or T/T payment term as usual.